The management organization responsible for the Cluster's management is Porta Novum Nonprofit Ltd.

The goal of the organization is to develop extensive IT co-operations in the field of development, training and human resources, to develop business opportunities; to play a catalyst role in enhancing co-operation between the different industries and in the management related R & D and other business projects. A further aim is to prepare and carry out projects in order to maximize competitive neutrality, maximize community benefits and promote social benefits through the pursuit of economic, cultural and demand-oriented education activities in the region. In addition, promoting international co-operation is also a priority area that will be an integral part of the dialogue between partners, to strengthen confidence and security and to maintain and revitalize the region's attractiveness in the long run.
Porta Novum Nonprofit Ltd. is not a member of the Cluster, it is independent from cluster members. Porta Novum Nonprofit Ltd. has been chosen by the Cluster to become the cluster management organisation on the basis of its experience and expertise in the areas of project development and implementation, partnership building, business development, and as well as for having appropriate infrastructural background.

Tasks of the Cluster Management Organization:

  • Provides the cluster's administrative tasks;
  • Initiates the strategic decisions necessary for the effective operation of the Operative Body;
  • Participates in the preparation of Cluster Committee sessions;
  • Develops the Cluster Performance Indicators and submit them to the Operative Body for Approval;
  • Assists the work of the Operative Body;
  • Implements the decisions of the Operative Body;
  • Designs the services of the Cluster, keeps in touch with the partners;
  • Represents the Cluster with the Chair of the Operative Body at domestic and international organizations, and for the media;
  • By the end of each year, together with the Operative Body, it will prepare the annual financial and activity plan for the following year, as well as the Cluster's financial, personal, marketing and action plan, including the overall investment, training and exhibition framework that the Operative Body present to the Cluster Committee;
  • Sends the Cluster's activity and financial management report quarterly to the Operative Body in a written form;
  • Makes an assessment and a proposal for the use the cluster's development resources (project resources);
  • Proposes focus and development areas for the Cluster;
  • Participates in the development of the Cluster’s strategy;
  • Cooperates closely with the organisations responsible for economic development in the region.

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