Services Provided to members of the Cluster
Related to basic documents, surveys and databases:
  • creation of the cluster development strategy;
  • review and update of the action plan;
  • creating an innovation strategy of the Cluster and cluster platforms;
  • execution of a market research required for business-critical development (related to innovation platforms);
  • development of an innovation and competence database of the members, for the members
  • establishment a HR Competence Database to ensure a coordinated and efficient sharing of capacities, as well as addressing training needs in a coordinated and efficient manner;
  • search for new members;
  • creation of a database of direct and indirect funds available for members;
  • quality assurance, strategy renewal, satisfaction measurement, preparation of a medium-term plan;
  • renewal of accreditation to promote international and domestic cooperation.
Organisation of events:
  • Cluster events (e.g. Cluster Presentation Conference, benchmarking club, tech trend show, business lunch, breakfast), cluster meetings, thematic programs, project generating events with the purpose of strengthening internal communication within the cluster, among cluster members;
  • Building national and international partnerships;
  • Participation in domestic cluster-related and professional events supporting business cooperation, international conferences, professional and innovation fairs;
  • Other types of events;
  • creation of the Cluster’s image;
  • publications promoting cluster platforms;
  • marketing and communication activities (social media, webcasts, LinkedIn, newsletters, electronic notifications), to develop stronger co-operation with SMEs with the purpose of better understanding the needs of SMEs;
  • strengthening the Potential of European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis International Cluster Management Excellence Label Silver - Striving for Cluster Excellence.
Co-operation with professional stakeholder organizations:
  • sharing the cluster’s best practices with the Cluster of Accredited Info communication Clusters (AIK), which is a platform of seven innovation clusters, and generating joint development actions;
  • professional cooperation with the Informatics, Telecommunication and Electronic Business Association (IVSZ), which is the largest and most significant organization of the info communication (ICT) industry, in order to support the exploration of opportunities cluster members to market expansion and development;
  • collaboration with international cluster organizations (, Banat IT Association, Vojvodina ICT Cluster, Subotica ICT Cluster, Silesian Aviation Cluster, Polish Clusters Employer’s Association, etc.).
Development and operation of an IT platform for internal and external communication
DESIGNING INDIVIDUAL TRAINING courses BASED ON the needs of Cluster members:

The Software Innovation Pole Cluster provides training based on market demand, offers recruitment of IT professionals, sets up project-based teams, offers and coordinates internship programs, and aims to introduce and develop a structured training program for developers.

Other services offered to members:
  • Domestic and international partner search;
  • Finding and strengthening new domestic and international co-operation opportunities for targeted technology and knowledge transfer, joint projects (cross-border, Structural Funds, Visegrad 4 Program, INNOSUP, COSME, Erasmus +), development of international cluster relations;
    Source mapping of domestic and EU funds;
  • Knowledge transfer;
  • Promotion of cooperation between members, project development, preparation of joint projects;
    international networking;
  • Lobbying;
  • Administrative support and coordination functions.

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