Cluster management organisation:

DEAK Plc. was founded in 2008 by the University of Szeged (71,4%) and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (28,6%)

Acting as a catalyst for strengthening the cooperation between the research and economic sectors, doing management work in related R&D&I and other business projects.

Furthermore, our goals include offering customer-side counselling services to owners – for ensuring competition neutrality, maximising benefits for the community, guaranteeing that conflict of interest is avoided and the results are useful for the society – in preparing for and implementing various projects.

Relying on the results of regional knowledge centres, assisting in producing research and development results in high-tech and helping in their practical utilisation, thereby contributing to the development of the knowledge-based economy.

Activities and competences of Management:

- Project management (R&D, energy efficiency projects)
- Grants management and participation in the implementation of projects
- Preparation of feasibility studies
- Organisation work in research activities
- Business counselling, preparation of business plans
- Controlling, marketing tasks
- Organisation and implementation of training programmes
- Organising various events
- Coordinating the preparation and implementation of technological development programmes
- Services to increase the operating efficiency of enterprises and organisations (e.g. audits, calculation of own costs, energy efficiency projects, planning)
- Participation in managing organisations and projects - of which the university forms part of - that aim at achieving economic progress at regional level
- Cluster management

In the frame of cluster management organisation:

- more than 80 business co-operation and R&D projects were implemented

- the total amount of expenses was more than 22 million Euros

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